Vanessa Paulina

Vanessa Paulina grew up in the Caribbean, on the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Places very dear to her, her African/ Indian heritage is therefore quite visible in her work. She departs to The Netherlands where she studies Fashion design and Illustration. Considering the world as her playground her life becomes a journey to discover the globe basking in live experiences she later expresses in her paintings. As a painter Vanessa is best known for her Childhood and Schizophrenia series: In her ‘Childhood Series’ she relives her past memories by painting moments captured in time. The series will probably never have an ending, as Vanessa loves having her inner child around. Her Schizophrenia series are filled with nostalgia, here she deepens the layers and let her paintings speak about vulnerability, healing and acceptance. Vanessa just started another series called the Goddesses, inspired by the power of the feminine energy she is helping to bring back to our planet. Having exhibited around the world, her work always leaves traces of the Diaspora she comes from. She also works as a muralist and has given various international art classes in Drawing, Painting and Fashion.

She studied Fashion and illustration at the Academie van Beeldende Kunst (WDKA) in Rotterdam. Prior to this she studied Fashion at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and before that Creative Fashion at the ‘Windroos’ Rotterdam. To sustain her artistic endeavor she took classes in Caribbean History at the University of Leiden and did courses in: ‘Business management’ at Atlas Rotterdam, and at Kunstenaars en Co in Amsterdam: ‘Time management’ and ‘In the picture’.

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2015 Solo and permanent Exhibition at the museum of Tambu;’Shon Cola’ Curacao.

2014 Group Exhibition in Cuba during international cultural Art Expo, for Curacao.

2013 Solo Exhibition at the Historic Museum of Aruba theme: ‘Freedom to Choose’, 150 years abolition of Slavery. Exhibiting Virginia and the illustrations of the books:’Ik Neem Je Mee’ and ‘Aboikoni’ written by Hilli Arduin.

2013 Solo Exhibition at OBA in Amsterdam The Netherlands.Exhibiting the illustrations of the books:‘Ik Neem Je Mee’ and ‘Aboikoni’ written by Hilli Arduin.

2013 Solo Exhibition in Paramaribo Surinam. Exhibiting the illustrations of the books: ‘Ik Neem Je Mee’ and ‘Aboikoni’ written by Hilli Arduin.

2013 Solo Exhibition at KBF Children’s Book Festival in Paramaribo Surinam.Theme: Education.

2013 Solo Exhibition at KBF Children’s Book Festival in Commewijne Surinam. Theme:Animal rights.

2013 Solo Exhibition at KBF Children’s Book Festival in Atjoni/ Sipalliwini Surinam. Theme: Enviroment and Milieu.

2012 Group Exhibition held at ‘The Galery’ in Grenada, by 4Hr Nap Collective and Caribbean Art Project, Titled ‘WOMA’

Group Exhibition held at Fundashon Insight Paradera, Titled; ‘Rosea Nobo’,welcoming Aruba’s first ‘Bienalle’

2011 Solo Exhibition held at IPA, Oranjestad Aruba, ” The Language of the Eye”

2010 Solo Exhibition at Westin Hotel Gallery Aruba, Titled; ‘ The Language of the Eye’.

2010 Group Exhibition in Cuba during the’ Festival del Caribe’ featuring Curacao.

2010 Group Exhibition with the title of’ ‘ De  Tekenkamer’ held at De Rekenkamer Wilhelminastraat in Oranjestad Aruba.

2010 Group Exhibition held in The Westin Hotel Gallery during the Art Auction for the victims of  the earthquake in Haiti, Oranjestad Aruba.

2010  Participation in Street/ Store Exhibition in Rotterdam Noord, The Netherlands.

2009 Group Exhibition at Kas di Kultura Curacao N.A., Willemstad during the ‘Kulturisimo Festival’

2009 Solo Exhibition at World Trade Center Curarcao, Willemstad Curacao N.A.

2009 Solo Exhibition at Monumentenzorg Curacao, Willemstad Punda Curacao N.A.

2008/ 2009 December/ January, Solo Exhibition at ‘kas di Kultura Curacao’ with the ‘Interkambio Kultural’, (Cultural International Exchange) Vanessa Paulina is the first visual artist invited for this Cultural activity and also the first artist having an Exhibition in the brandnew Gallery of Kas di Kultura Curacao. the title of the Exhibition; ‘Tambu e Ritmo di Alma’ meaning; Tambu the rhythm of the soul ( tambu= drum)

2008 November Solo Exhibition ‘This is our Culture’, at ‘De Kom’ Hoogvliet, introducing the Dutch Antillean and Arubian Culture to the layman.

2008 October Solo Exhibition, open Studio at my place for a delegation of government Ministers from the Dutch Antilles organized by Rotterdam City Safari

2008 October Solo Exhibit at the ROC Hilversum during the miniconference held for a meeting between the Dutch Antilles, Aruba and the Netherlands amongst the delegation there was also the presence of his Excellency’s  Frido Croes and Paul Comenencia

2008 July Solo Exhibit at theater Zuidplein Rotterdam the Netherlands, topic; ‘Upbringing something we do together’, a debate hosted by Mavis Albertina especially for Antillian mothers.

2008 Solo group Exhibit ‘Summer Exhibition Artist Up South’ ( Zomerexpositie op Zuid) CBK (Centrum Beeldende Kuns/ Center Contemporary Art) Rotterdam.

2008 Exhibit of “Virginia”at the Historic Museum of Aruba in Oranjestad Aruba. title of the exhibit; ‘Exposicion Herencia di

Sclavitud 2008’ februari/september

2008 Group Exhibit at museum Fort Zoutman Aruba during the ‘Exposicion Herencia di Sclavitud 2008’ februari/september

2008 Group Exhibit at the World Trade Center Rotterdam the Netherlands for Young EDBR. Jan/ september

2008 Group exhibit at Mar Azul Gallery, ‘local female artists’, Oranjestad Aruba

2007 Group exhibit Open Ateliers at Gallery Ruth Deekman, Kop van Zuid Lodewijk Pincoffsweg Rotterdam.

2007 Solo exhibit at the Hoge school van Rotterdam during a presentation of the book “Students of Excellence”, authors Shiara Vismale and Theo van Straaten, about students who came from the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

2007 Solo exhibit and reading of I&I and work during the “Each one teach one” at the Ninsee Institute in Amsterdam, National Institute of the slaveryhistory and it’s heritage.

2007 Solo exhibit inauguration “MusicalBridge” project Delfshaven, Rotterdam Holland.

2007 Group exhibit organised by the Urban arts group; ‘Creative Rotterdam’ at the Zwaanshals Rotterdam.

2006 Solo exhibit and action painting at the Chasse Theatre Breda, Holland.

2006 Group wallpainting with Eduard Von Lindheim, EvertRobles, Magumbo and Ras Elijah for Cariffiti, Rotterdam, Holland.

2006 Solo exhibit at the World Trade Center Rotterdam, during the Zakenfestival, Rotterdam, Holland.

2006 Group-exhibit Blockparty Piet Hein, Delfshaven, Rotterdam, Holland.

2006 Exhibit during the International Festival of Gamboa, Praia Santiago, Cape Verde.

2006 Solo exhibit at The Jungle, interior and gallery store, Oranjestad, Aruba.

2005 Cariffiti Group exhibit Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam World AIDS Day, Rotterdam, Holland.

2005 Exhibit at Mixtbaby lifestyle-store of artwork Kiss of Death

2005 Group exhibit of the artworks for Cariffiti done by various artists held by Urban Arts Gallery Rotterdam

2005 Paintings on display starting june at Acces Art Gallery, Oranjestad, Aruba.

2005 Solo exhibit in Tierra del Sol from april to june, Aruba.

2004 Participated in Kunst in Ahoy, Rotterdam’s biggest art fair.

2004 Solo exhibit at the Institute of Goree, Goree Isle Dakar, Senegal, presentation on Tunk Goree 2004.

2004 Group exhibit at Acces Art Gallery, Oranjestad, Aruba.

2003 Group exhibit “Ciudade Velha” (Old village) on the Isle of Santiago, Cape Verde.

2003 Solo exhibit at Acces Art Gallery, Oranjestad, Aruba.

2003 Group exhibit at Costa Linda Hotel, Oranjestad, Aruba.

2002 Group exhibit “Mama Aruba” at Sinfa gallery San Nicolas, Aruba.

2002 Solo exhibit at The Jungle, interior and gallery store, Dakota, Aruba.

2002 Group exhibit at Sinfa gallery, San Nicolas, Aruba.

2002 Solo exhibit at Tierra del Sol Resort and Country club, Aruba.

2000 Solo exhibit at the Appleton’s Mansion, Boise, Idaho, USA.

1999 Solo exhibit at The Jungle, interior and gallery store, Dakota, Aruba.

1999 Group exhibit “Santa Maria” festival on the Isle of Sal Cape Verde.

1999 Solo exhibit Sodade foundation, Cape Verdean cultural organisation, Rotterdam, Holland.

1998 Group exhibit at the Hyatt hotel, Oranjestad, Aruba.

1998 Solo exhibit at Gallery and souvernir store Roots in Oranjestad, Aruba.

1996 Solo exhibit in Sleazy, urbanwear and seventies/eighties fashion store.


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