Chaya Fox

Chaya Fox was born in Sydney Australia. She lives in the Netherlands since 2000, first in Amsterdam and then in Rotterdam. Chaya comes from a large family that immigrated to Australia from England during the 2nd World War. Her aunt went to Art school in Sydney in the 1960’s. Her work was a great inspiration for Chaya.

Chaya graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, majoring in Autonoom Beeldende kunst. She makes art since she was a child.

Chaya has in the recent years concentrated on painting in a Expressionistic/surrealist style. Before that she was busy with photography and performance.

She was interested in combining medium, for example making the backdrop of a performance like a large wall mural and photographing the performance. Afterwards exhibiting the photos. She is still

Interested in using rollplay in the exhibition of her paintings.

Chaya uses her art to give form to experiences, thoughts and feelings.

It is a part of her life and her life is a part of her art.


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